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Gas meter temperature compensation

The volume of gas is related to temperature. Under the same pressure condition, the higher the temperature, the larger the volume, the calorific value decreases, so the traditional gas meter is unfavorable to the user. Electronic temperature compensation gas meter is to add electronic temperature compensation device on the gas meter, temperature measuring element real-time temperature compensation, which is a common temperature compensation method. Because the precision of temperature will affect the precision of measuring gas quantity, the digital temperature sensor based on semiconductor principle has the advantage of application precision compared with NTC. NOVOSENSE's NST1001 two-wire temperature sensor has unique approach of signal power generating,  which can supply power and communicate with only two wires, like the traditional NTC, while its accuracy is far higher than the temperature measurement method of NTC. In addition, the chip can achieve full zero power consumption without the need for additional external switches to control its power supply during the period of no measurement, which is ideal for gas meter applications requiring ultra-low power consumption.


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