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High-precision Dual-pin Digital Pulse Output Temperature Sensor

NST1001 is a high-precision double-pin digital output temperature sensor. NST1001 features pulse counting digital output and high precision in a wide temperature range, which can be directly connected with MCU, while ensuring measurement accuracy and reducing overhead. The NST1001 device supports a maximum accuracy of ±0.75 °C over temperatures ranging from -50 °C to 150 °C, while providing extremely high resolution (0.0625 °C) without system calibration or hardware/software compensation. The pulse-counting digital port is designed for direct connection to GPIO or comparator inputs to simplify component implementation. Simple two-pin architecture is adopted. So the NST1001 device can be easily converted into a two-wire temperature probe.

Product Features

•  Operating temperature range: -50°C~150°C

•  High accuracy in full temperature range

    - ±0.2℃ (typical) @ NST1001

    - ±0.2℃ (max.) @ NST1001HA

    - Accuracy within range -20 ℃~85℃: ±0.5℃ (max.)

    - Accuracy within range -50℃~-20℃: ±0.75℃ (max.)

    - Accuracy within range 85℃~150℃: ±0.75℃ (max.)

•  High resolution: 0.0625℃(1 LSB)

•  Quick temperature response: silicone oil τ63%0.21S(DFN2L)

•  Single temperature conversion time:50mS

•  Ultra-low power consumption: 30µA operating current, zero standby power consumption

•  Supply voltage range: 1.65V to 5.5V

•  Pulse count type digital output to reduce the AD conversion port on master side

•  Support dual pin simplified temperature measurement solution

•  DFN2L ultra small packaging, with same resistance size as 0603


•  Power metering

•  Gas meter temperature measurement

•  Intelligent closestool

•  Digital temperature probes, smart wearable devices, temperature detection, industrial Internet of Things

•  Battery temperature detection

Functional Block Diagram


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