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NOVOSENSE Total Quality Management

Comprehensive quality management system
Overall system:ISO9001 + IATF16949 (partially applied)
Professional system:
  • ISO26262 (Functional safety)

  • ISO/IEC17025 (Lab)

  • ISO14001 (Environmental Management System)

Quality management starts from customer requirements and ends with customer satisfaction
Customer requirements:
  • Customized requirements for product development

  • Manufacturing and shipping

  • Agreement review & implementation

  • Customer feedback, complaints, claims and returns

  • Customer audit, etc.

Customer satisfaction:
  • Customer satisfaction survey

  • Customer Complaint Process

  • Failure analysis process

Starting from the R&D stage, quality management runs through the entire product life cycle
Total Quality Management
Quality awareness of all staff
Quality policy promotion
Quality system and quality tools training
Quality KPI assessment
Quality improvement project proposal and evaluation
Informationization of quality management process
Establish the information system of the whole business flow to connect the professional and the comprehensive, to improve the efficiency
Quality assurance from process
Supplier management
Process decomposition and control
Mechanism for process exception handling
Regular summary and review