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Novosense Microelectronics Privacy Policy

Suzhou Novosense Microelectronics Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as "Novosense" or "we") have been attaching importance to the protection of users' personal information security, and have formulated the Privacy Policy of Novosense Microelectronics (this "Privacy Policy") in accordance with the Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China, the Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, the Data Security Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations and adopted this Privacy Policy in respect of the use of Novosense's webpage (including novosns.com and its sub-pages) (the "Webpage").

If you do not agree to the processing of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy, please do not provide your information upon request and stop using the Webpage. By continuing to use the Webpage, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy regarding your personal information.


1. Types of Personal Information We Collect and Use

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, personal information refers to all information recorded electronically or otherwise relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, excluding anonymized information. The personal information we collect and use includes:

Information you provide to us

When you fill out your personal data on the Webpage, or contact us using the contact information specified on the Webpage, you provide us with certain relevant information.


We use Cookie to enhance your Webpage use experience. When you use our services, we store data files entitled Cookie on your computer or mobile device. Cookie usually contains identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. We use such information to determine whether registered users are logged in, so as to improve service quality and optimize user experience. If you do not want your personal information to be stored in Cookie, you can configure your browser to disable the Cookie function. You can also manage or delete Cookie according to your preferences.


2. Collect No Information from Minors

Our products, Webpage and services are primarily aimed at adults. If you are a minor under the age of 18, please do not use or terminate your use of our products and/or services. We do not knowingly collect personal information from minors for any purpose. If you are the guardian of a minor, when you have any questions about whether the minor under your guardianship uses our services or provides information to us, please contact us through the contact information set forth in Article 8 of this Privacy Policy. If we discover that we have unknowingly collected personal information from minors, we will try to delete the relevant data as soon as possible.


3. How We Use Your Personal Information

We will use the information you provide to us in strict accordance with laws only for the following purposes:

Send you personalized product information, marketing information, offers and other content;

Complete the sample transactions and services you have applied for;

Research and respond to your inquiries;

Consumer behavior, market and data analysis.


4. How We Store Your Personal Information

Your personal information is stored at and processed by our servers located in the People's Republic of China and maintained by a team located in the People's Republic of China.

We undertake to retain your personal information for the minimum period necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. We will delete or anonymize your personal information after the end of the said period, unless otherwise required by laws and regulations.

5. How We Share, Disclose and Transfer Your Personal Information

We share and disclose your personal information only when it is lawful, reasonable and necessary to do so. Such circumstances include:

• Our affiliates and/or partners, subject to strict compliance with this Privacy Policy, may process your personal information in order to process your application or inquiry or provide services to us;

• Disclosure required by laws. We may be required by law to disclose your information to the authorities in order to comply with legal obligations or procedures, support detection and prevention of crime/fraud, conduct compliance auditing or ensure security. Otherwise, we will not publicly disclose your personal information except with your separate consent.

In principle, we will not transfer your personal information to any other company, organization or individual. If the transfer of your personal information is involved due to company merger, acquisition, etc., we will transfer your information according to relevant laws and regulations while requiring the new company or organization that will hold your personal information to continue to be bound by this Privacy Policy.


6. How We Secure Your Personal Information

We will strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, and take reasonable and feasible measures recognized in the industry to secure your personal information, prevent your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use or modification, and maintain the privacy and integrity of your personal information.

However, it should be noted that although we have taken the above-mentioned measures to protect your personal information, the transmission of information via the Internet cannot be absolutely secure. In the event of a personal information leakage incident, we will take immediate action to prevent the incident from expanding, and inform you in the form of notice, announcement or otherwise.


7. Your Rights to Your Personal Information

We take your rights to your personal information very seriously. You have complete legal rights to access to, copy, and request correction of, supplement to or deletion of your personal information held by us. If you want to exercise any of the foregoing rights, please contact us via the contact information set forth in Article 8 of this Privacy Policy.


8. How to Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or any questions, suggestions, complaints or requests regarding the processing of your personal information, please contact us at web@novosns.com and we will process your request or assist you in solving your problem, after verifying your identity.


9. How We Revise and Update This Privacy Policy

Novosense reserves the right to revise or update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Changes in this Privacy Policy will be posted on the Webpage. Please visit this page periodically to view revisions or updates, if any, to this Privacy Policy.


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