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Integrated Gauge Pressure Sensor with Air Nozzle in SOP Package

NSPGS2 is a calibrated gauge pressure sensor launched by NOVOSENSE for the market of small household appliances and healthcare equipment. This series of products adopts high-performance signal conditioning chip to calibrate and compensate the temperature and pressure of MEMS piezoresistive die. It comes in SOP6 package form with vertical air nozzle for easy soldering and use. This series of pressure sensors can convert pressure signals from -100kPa to +350kPa into analog/digital output signals with a customized output range. They are suitable for pressure detection of non-corrosive gases compatible with the structural materials of pressure sensitive components, especially for small household appliances, healthcare, industry and the IoT.

Product Features

•  Customizable range: -100kPa ~+350kPa

•  Wide temperature range: -40℃~70℃

•  The comprehensive accuracy in the full temperature range is better than ± 2.5%

•  Analog voltage output/ I2C digital output

•  High stability, 100% calibration, temperature compensation

•  Packaging with single air nozzle, easy to install and seal

•  Front air intake for chips avoid blockage

•  Package: SOP-6 (6.3mm x 7.0mm)


•  Industrial: pressure transmitter, pressure switch, negative pressure vacuum detection

•  Medical: sphygmomanometer, oxygen generator, biosafety cabinet

•  Home appliances: coffee machine, health pot, vacuum cleaner, sweeper, vacuum juicer, etc.

•  Consumption: air mattress, massage chair, inflator etc.

Functional Block Diagram


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