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Isolated Current Sampling ADC with High Reliability

NSi1306 is a high-performance Σ-Δ modulator with output separated from input based on the NOVOSENSE capacitive isolation technology. The linear differential input signal range of the device is ± 50mV (full scale ± 64mV) or ± 250mV (full scale ± 320mV). Differential inputs are ideal for shunt resistance-based current detection in high voltage applications that require isolation.The analog input is amplified and continuously sampled by a second-order Σ-Δ modulator and then converted to a high-speed, single-bit data stream. The output data is synchronized with the external clock, the rising edge of the clock is valid, and the frequency range is 5MHz to 21MHz. By using an appropriate digital filter (such as a sinc3 filter) to extract the bit stream, the device can achieve 16-bit resolution and 86dB/82.5dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) with a 20MHz master clock under the condition of 78.125KPS. The fail-safe function includes input common mode overvoltage detection and VDD1 missing detection, simplifying system design and diagnosis.

Product Features

• Isolation voltage up to 5000Vrms

• Clock frequency: 5MHz to 21MHz

• Linear supply voltage range of ± 50mV or ± 250mV

• Excellent DC performance:

            • Offset error: ± 50 μV or ± 100 μV(Max.)

            • Offset drift: ±0.5μV/℃ or -0.5~1.5μV/℃ (Max.)

            • Gain error: 0.2% (Max.)

• Gain drift: ±40ppm/℃(Max.)

• SNR: 82.5dB or 86dB(Typ)

• High CMTI: 150kV/us (typical)

• System-level diagnostic functions:

           • AVDD monitoring

           • Input common mode overvoltage detection

• Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 125℃

• Package: SOP8(300mil)/SOP16(300mil)

Safety Certificate

• UL1577 qualified 5kVrms for 1 min.

• CQC qualified: Conform to GB4943.1 -2011

• CSA qualified: Components conform to 5A

• VDE qualified: DIN V VDE V 0884-11:2017-01


• Shunt current monitoring

• AC motor control

• Power and PV inverters


• Onboard charger

Functional Block Diagram


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