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Low Impedance, High Current Capacity, NOVOSENSE Introduces Integrated Current Sensor NSM2311 for Power Supply Applications


NOVOSENSE has recently introduced its new integrated current sensor chip NSM2311, a fully integrated high isolation current sensor solution with excellent current capacity. NSM2311 has a primary impedance as low as 100μΩ and a continuous current capacity of up to 200A, meeting the reliability requirements of AEC-Q100.


With the rapid development of markets such as energy storage, charging station, and power supplies (UPS, etc.), there is a growing demand for high-performance, high-reliability current sensors. These applications often require real-time, accurate current monitoring and control to ensure the stable operation and safety of the system. However, traditional open-loop current sensor modules often have problems such as large size, high cost, and insufficient accuracy, making it difficult to address the needs of these applications. To meet the growing market demand, NOVOSENSE's integrated current sensor NSM2311 adopts advanced integration technology, which not only solves the shortcomings of traditional open-loop current sensor modules, but also provides a comprehensive upgrade in performance and functionality.


NOVOSENSE's new integrated current sensor NSM2311


With an ultra-low primary impedance of only 100uΩ, NSM2311 offers an improved current capacity of up to 200A over mass-produced integrated current sensors NSM201x and NSM211x (1MHz) by NOVOSENSE, meeting the needs of high-power applications and further reducing the difficulty of heat dissipation design in compact systems. Meanwhile, NSM2311 can work stably over a wide temperature range of -40~150°C, adapting to various extreme environmental conditions. Its high isolation performance and accurate measurement capability provide more reliable protection and optimized operation support for the system.


High isolation withstand voltage and strong current capacity

Relying on the unique SIP-5 package design, NSM2311 achieves a creepage distance of 6.9mm, ensuring excellent electrical isolation, and meets the UL standard of 5,000Vrms isolation withstand voltage, showing robust withstand voltage capability. In addition, the basic insulation working voltage of 1358Vdc and the reinforced insulation working voltage of 672Vdc further enhance the stability and safety of NSM2311 in high voltage environments.

NSM2311 has an extremely low primary impedance of 100uΩ and a continuous current capacity of up to 200A, providing reliable support for various high current applications.

High precision without secondary programming

NSM2311 adopts fixed output mode or proportional output mode. In the fixed output mode, the output voltage does not fluctuate with the fluctuation of the power supply voltage, which systematically solves the dependence on a high-precision voltage regulator source, thus making the system BOM simpler and more cost-effective.

Thanks to precise on-chip first-order and second-order temperature compensation algorithms and 100% coverage of multi-temperature off-line calibration, NSM2311 maintains high current measurement accuracy over the full operating temperature range:

·25°C~150°C: sensitivity error <±1%, zero error <±5mV

·-40°C~25°C: sensitivity error <±1.5%, zero error <±5mV

Flexible selection
NSM2311 supports DC and AC current measurement with a current range of 50~400A, providing users with diverse options to meet current measurement needs in different applications.


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