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NOVOSENSE launches automotive-grade temperature and humidity sensor NSHT30-Q1, driving the development of automotive intelligence


NOVOSENSE's new automotive temperature and humidity sensor NSHT30-Q1 is a relative humidity (RH) and temperature sensor based on CMOS-MEMS.

NSHT30-Q1 integrates a complete sensor system on a single chip, including a capacitive RH sensor, CMOS temperature sensor and signal processor, and an I2C digital communication interface. It is designed in DFN package with Wettable Flank, and the product size is only 2.5mm×2.5mm×0.9mm. The I2C interface communication mode, small and reliable package, and wider operating temperature range make NSHT30-Q1 well suited for automotive applications.

With the development of automotive intelligence, in-vehicle systems increasingly rely on judgment of the surrounding environment to make decisions. To achieve real-time control and autonomous operation, these systems need to capture necessary information with high-precision sensor products that can respond quickly.


Take the automotive 5-in-1 sensor as an example. It uses the built-in temperature and humidity sensor to detect the temperature and humidity on the inside of the front windshield, and then calculates the dew point temperature. In this way, the air conditioning system can adjust the temperature inside the vehicle, the air outlet mode, the internal and external circulation, and other functions according to these signals, effectively reducing the humidity inside the vehicle and achieving the defogging function.

At the same time, the lidar cannot work without support from the temperature and humidity sensor. The temperature and humidity sensor monitors the radar's operating temperature and humidity to ensure that it operates in a suitable operating environment to avoid performance degradation due to excessive temperature. The temperature and humidity sensor can also detect relative humidity to monitor whether the lenses of the lidar and camera module are broken, thereby avoiding damage to internal optical components caused by humid environments and ensuring vehicle driving safety.


NOVOSENSE's NSHT30-Q1 is an automotive single-chip integrated temperature and humidity sensor with high reliability, high precision and low power consumption, suitable for various automotive applications, such as automotive HVAC control modules and battery management systems. By helping vehicles achieve more efficient and stable system performance, it provides strong support for the development of automotive intelligence.

In addition, NSHT30-Q1's I2C interface features two selectable I2C addresses with communication speed up to 1 MHz and supports a wide supply voltage range of 2.0V~5.5V for various applications. Also, with programmable interrupt thresholds, alarms and system wake-up can be provided without the need for a microcontroller to continuously monitor the system.


Performance parameters of NSHT30-Q1

· Relative humidity (RH) sensor

    - Operating range: 0%~100

    - Precision: ±3% (typical)

· Temperature sensor:

    - Operating temperature range: -40°C~125°C

    - Precision: ±0.3°C (typical)

· Relative humidity and temperature compensated digital output

· Wide supply voltage range: 2.0V~5.5V

· I2C digital interface with communication speed up to 1 MHz

    - Two selectable addresses

    - Data protection with CRC

· Low power consumption: average current of 2.5µA

· 8-Pin Wettable Flank DFN package

· AEC-Q100 compliant


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