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NOVOSENSE announced the new NSOPA series of general-purpose operational amplifiers for automotive and industrial applications


NOVOSENSE launched its new NSOPA series of general-purpose operational amplifiers, which can be widely used in automotive and industrial systems for signal conditioning of voltage, current, temperature and other signals. The NSOPA series can be used in key applications such as automotive OBC/DC-DC/PDU, traction inverters, BMS, thermal management, BCM, industrial automation, photovoltaic inverters, motor drivers, digital power supplies and charging stations.

NOVOSENSE has been focusing on the automotive electronics and renewable energy and the launch of the NSOPA series of general-purpose operational amplifiers further enriches the product portfolio in this field.


The NSOPA9xxx product series, one of the first NSOPA series, is suitable for 40V high voltage, and the 5.5V low voltage product series will also be launched soon. Each product series offers a variety of product models with bandwidth option of1MHz/5MHz/10MHz and 1/2/4-channel, and each model is available in both industrial and automotive grade versions to cover different market needs. The naming convention is shown in the figure below.

微信图3的副本 4-12.jpg

Specifically, OPA represents its function as an "operational amplifier"; the first digit: 9 represents high voltage 40V and 8 represents low voltage 5.5V; the middle two digits represent bandwidth; the last digit represents the number of channels. For example, NSOPA9052 represents a 40V (withstand voltage) 5MHz (bandwidth) 2-channel operational amplifier, so that customers can easily identify its function, bandwidth and number of channels.

The automotive version of the NSOPA9xxx series meets the reliability requirements of AEC-Q100 Grade 1, and can operate in harsh environments from -40°C to 125°C. Different package versions are available to meet different customer needs: SOT23-5, SOIC-8 for 1-channel; MSOP-8, SOP-8 for 2-channel; and TSSOP-14, SOP-14 for 4-channel.

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The following table shows Part Number of NSOPA905x: 


Low offset, low drift, high PSRR

The NSOPA9xxx series achieves low offset and low drift performance. NSOPA905x, for example, has an offset voltage of 200μV and a drift of 0.5μV/°C.

In terms of PSRR, when the power supply is above 4V, the typical value of DC PSRR is above 130dB, and the AC PSRR can reach 85dB at 1KHz and 65dB at 10k, better than the performance of similar products in the industry. In automotive electronics and renewable energy applications, especially in the sampling and conditioning link of current and voltage signals in switching power supplies, high PSRR plays a crucial role in improving performance stability and inhibiting interference coupling to the acquisition loop through the power path.

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In addition to the interference introduced by the power supply, space radiation interference also deserves attention. The NSOPA9xxx series has built-in EMI/RFI filters to strengthen the suppression of space radiation interference, ensuring good anti-interference and robustness of devices in practical applications.

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Rail-to-rail input and output, high common-mode rejection 

The NSOPA9xxx series provides customers with input and output rail-to-rail performance, with an input common-mode range from V--0.1 to V++0.1. The DC common-mode rejection ratio (DC PSRR) is 110dB minimum and 120dB typical in the main input pair interval of a 40V power supply. The CMRR is also very effective in suppressing the common-mode variation at high frequencies.

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Wide bandwidth, high slew rate and low noise

The NSOPA9xxx series also has good AC parameter performance. First of all, three versions of NSOPA901x, NSOPA905x, and NSOPA910x are available in terms of bandwidth, corresponding to 1MHz, 5MHz, and 10MHz versions to meet different bandwidth requirements. The built-in slew boosting circuit for large signals can support a slew rate of 12V/μS and can easily cope with sudden pulse signals, such as overcurrent and overvoltage related to actual system safety. The high slew rate can support more timely triggering of protection thresholds, gaining time for system protection. In terms of noise performance, the NSOPA series is designed using a low-noise process platform and provides a 6μV output noise in the low-frequency (0.1Hz~10Hz).


Easy response to large input signal transitions

When a large voltage difference occurs at the input of the traditional operational amplifier design, it will trigger the protection diode conducting current, and a large input current will occur, which will affect the normal operation and heating of the operational amplifier. In typical applications, the operational amplifier is used as a comparator, or its the analog switch in the front stage is gated to different channels. In order not to cause such problems in practical applications, customers often add resistors and capacitors to limit current, but at the expense of affecting circuit bandwidth and increasing delay. NSOPA905x adopts a unique design that does not cause large currents (<1μA) and avoid heating issues in the operational amplifier under the same situation, so that the operational amplifier can work stably and reliably.


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