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Capacitive Automobile Pressure Sensor Signal Conditioning Chip Supporting SENT BUS

The NSC9264 is an EMC-enhanced AECQ100 high-integration chip for signal conditioning of capacitive automotive pressure sensors with a SENT BUS interface. NSC9264 adopts a capacitance voltage conversion circuit and a 24-bit ADC to form the main signal measurement channel, and a 24-bit ADC to form the auxiliary temperature measurement channel. With built-in digital processing engine, the NSC9264 supports second-order temperature drift calibration and the highest third-order nonlinear calibration for sensor zero temperature and sensitivity of the sensor. The calibration accuracy can be up to 0.1%, and its calibration coefficients are stored in a set of programmable EEPROMs. NSC9264 supports over voltage and reverse voltage protection, supports SENT BUS interface and meets SAE J2716 BUS specifications. It is mainly used in the application of capacitive pressure sensors for measuring pressure values above 1MPa in automobiles.

Product Features

•  Support -24V to 24V over voltage and reverse voltage protection for automotive sensor applications

•  It integrates C/V capacitive voltage conversion circuit and 24-bit high-precision ADC, which can easily measure capacitance of capacitive pressure sensor, calculate and convert it to pressure.

•  Built-in digital processor-based sensor calibration logic, supporting customer calibration, up to third-order nonlinear calibration and second-order temperature sensitivity and offset calibration

•  Calibration data can be stored in EEPROM, programmable multiple times

•  Meet SAE J2716 protocol specification, meet fast and slow channel output and provide diagnostic function

•  Proprietary OWI communication mode, supporting calibration after sensor assembly

•  Operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ 150℃, compatible with AECQ100 standard


•  Automotive capacitive pressure sensor module

Functional Block Diagram


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