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Digital Output Pressure Sensor Interface Chip

NSA2200 is an interface chip for low-cost pressure sensors. It integrates pressure sensor bridge driver, with high precision PGA, 24-bit ADC, customer programmable digital calibration logic and customer-writable OTP. NSA2200 supports sensor nonlinear fitting calibration as well as temperature compensation for sensor sensitivity and bias errors. The supply method of this chip is wafer Know Good Die. Customers can choose to seal NSA2200 with their own pressure sensor sensitive source in one package. After calibration, it can be used as digital output pressure sensor.

Product Features

•  Integrated bridge drive, high precision PGA, 24-bit high precision ADC, supporting proportional measurement, strain gauge type or resistance bridge sensor input

•  Support sensor diagnosis and output clamp function

•  Excellent noise performance: 600nV@OSR = 1024X, Gain = 32X (equivalent to input noise) Calibration accuracy: 0.05% FSO (support second order temperature coefficient and third order nonlinear calibration)

•  High-precision internal temperature sensor, (absolute accuracy < 0.5℃, resolution < 0.01℃); support a variety of external temperature sensors (diode, two-terminal thermistor, three terminal thermistor, etc.)

•  Support 1.8V to 5.5V power supply

•  Support sleep working mode to greatly reduce MCU load. The static current under sleep is at 200nA level at room temperature, and supports Power Down of external bridge power supply.

•  Support SPI BUS or I2C digital interface output


•  Consumer/industrial pressure sensor modules (washing machine level/pressure cooker/coffee machine/soybean milk machine, etc.)

•  Barometer/altimeter/weather forecaster

•  Electronic weight scale

Functional Block Diagram


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