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High Voltage Non-isolated Half-bridge Gate Driver

NSD1624 is a high-voltage half-bridge gate driver that can provide a maximum drive current of 4A/6A and can be used to drive various power devices such as MOSfet/IGBT. NSD1624 can be used in bus voltage systems up to 1200V. It features industry-leading ultra-low propagation delay, low static current, strong negative pressure resistance, and high DV/DT disturbance resistance. 

It can accept a wide power supply input range of 10V to 20V and provides UVLO protection for VDD and BST power supply pins. The NSD1624 is available in large and small packages, LGA10, SOP8 and SOP14 packages, with rated operation temperatures ranging from - 40°C to 125°C. With all these outstanding features, NSD1624 is suitable for switching power supply systems which require high reliability, high power density and high efficiency.

Product Features

• Maximum system voltage supported: 1200V

• VDD power supply range: 10V to 20V

• Peak source and sink current: 4A/6A

• High DV/DT disturbance resistance and high negative pressure resistance (SW pin)

• Maximum propagation delay: 35ns

• Maximum matching delay: 7ns 

• Input pin TTL compatible with CMOS 

• Integrated Undervoltage protection (UVLO)

• Rail-to-rail output

• SOP8, SOP14 and LGA10 packages available

• High and low voltage pin separation for maximum creepage distance and electrical clearance (SOP14)

• Operation temperature range: -40°C to 125°C


• Power module (Half-bridge topology)

• A/C compressor

• Industrial motor

• PV, energy storage

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