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Children's watch that can measure temperature, human body sensing night light... Let's take a look at the "interesting" technology of NOVOSENSE at SENSOR CHINA

From September 23 to 25, with the theme of "Intelligent Sensing, Enabling a Better Life", NOVOSENSE brought a variety of products and solutions to SENSOR CHINA 2020. The product applications covered wearable devices, medical electronics, smart home and other fields, demonstrating the technical strength and innovative ideas of NOVOSENSE in the field of sensors in many aspects.

Contact temperature measuring solution based on NST1001 temperature sensor


NST1001 is a high precision dual-pin temperature sensor with pulse counting digital output and high precision in a wide temperature range, which can be directly connected with MCU to ensure measurement accuracy and reduce costs. Its application fields include industrial Internet of Things, digital output temperature probe, white household appliances, etc. The contact temperature measurement solution based on NST1001 mainly includes smart watches and smart wristbands, etc., which can continuously detect human body temperature and accurately reflect temperature changes in real time.

Non-contact temperature measurement solution based on NSA2300 conditioning chip


- PIR human body sensing light based on NSA3182

- High cost performance, low power consumption

- Suitable for intelligent lighting and security occasions


Infrared pyroelectric intelligent night light control solution based on NSA3182 intelligent PIR sensor signal conditioning chip also drew attentions at the exhibition. This solution can greatly simplify the design of the peripheral circuit and has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption. It can automatically detect human movement and control the fading-up and fading-down of the night light.

Washing machine liquid level measurement based on NSPGD1


The pressure sensor NSPGD1, the core chip of liquid level measurement of washing machine shown in the figure above, is a calibrated gauge pressure sensor launched by NOVOSENSE for the home appliance market. It adopts a high-performance signal conditioning chip to calibrate and compensate the temperature and pressure of the MEMS piezoresistive core output. The comprehensive accuracy can reach ±2%F.S. in the whole temperature range, and the range is from -10kpa to 10kPa, which is especially suitable for smart home appliances such as washing machine, coffee machine, dishwasher and other applications.

In addition to the above solutions, NOVOSENSE also showed a variety of sensor signal conditioning chip product portfolios at the exhibition, including the automobile-level LIN bus port sensor signal conditioning chip NSA(C)9262, current sensor conditioning chip NSA5312, etc.


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