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Smart cleaner

There are often some headaches with cleaners during use, such as screen blocking and dust box overfilling. Generally, the blockage of the screen is likely to reduce the efficiency of cleaning, and frequent replacement of the screen will increase the cost and human labor; dust box overfilling will also increase the machine load and the difficulty of removal; Therefore, it is particularly necessary to scientifically judge the blocking degree of filter screen and the degree of dust box filling.

At present, cleaners on the market can only roughly judge the dust box filling through photoelectric detection and other methods, and the degree of dust box filling often does not reflect the blocking of the filter screen. Therefore, it is necessary to use the pressure sensor to detect the negative pressure vacuum degree and pressure difference, so that the blockage degree of the filter screen and the status of the dust box can be monitored more accurately and efficiently, so as to timely replace the filter screen or the dust box and adjust the suction, which helps to maintain a better vacuuming efficiency and improve cleaning efficiency. In addition, the pressure sensor can also be used to sense the ground material (such as floor, carpet, etc.), so as to dynamically adjust the motor suction to achieve intelligent vacuuming, energy saving and environmental protection.


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