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Tail-gas treatment system

To meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, SCR technology is usually needed to reduce NOx emissions from engines. It mainly adopts the pressure sensor in the tail gas trap to measure the tail gas pressure difference between the front and back channels of the trap, so that ECU can select a reasonable trigger time of "regeneration" of the trap and the amount of additional catalyst injection. In addition to environmental requirements, some of the exhaust gas from the engine needs to be sent back to the intake manifold and re-enter the cylinder with the fresh mixture. Because the exhaust gas contains a large number of multi-atomic gases such as CO2 with high specific heat capacity, the maximum combustion temperature of the mixture in the cylinder can be reduced, thus reducing the amount of NOx generated. This function also requires a pressure sensor to detect its pressure difference. Because the tail gas is highly corrosive, so the pressure sensor needs to have a good medium compatibility, such as nitrogen oxide, sulfide and so on.


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